Friday, November 30, 2012

R4i Gold 3DS Starting Stuck

Some R4i Gold 3DS users may get lost why their consoles get stuck at "R4i Gold 3DS Starting" when booting up r4i card, or frozen at " Starting".

What is it ?
This problem sometimes happen to below R4i 3DS card made from
When booting up this r4i flash card, your console could not detect noPass kernel file successfully from memory card, and the progress gets stuck there, displaying "R4i Gold 3DS Starting" or " Starting".

Why does it happen and How to fix it ?

There are several possible causes below.
1. Official Wood kernel has been installed wrongly.
- Users are recommended to refer and read official kernel installation guide. Remember to download the latest official kernel from, decompress the xxx.rar file and save to the root directory of your memory card.

2. Some kernel file has been killed by your anti-virus software.
- Official kernel is safe and you can turn off your anti-virus software when installing kernel on your PC.

3. Two kinds of kernel are saved at the same root directory.
- Format your memory card into FAT32 on your PC, install official kernel again.

4. Your micro SD / SDHC memory card is not compatible.
- Recommend to use original SanDisk / Kingston Micro SD / SDHC memory cards.

5. Memory card is in bad contact with R4i Gold 3DS slot.
- Take out your memory card, clean the gold bar contact of your memory card, insert and try to boot again.

6. R4i Gold 3DS is broken.
- If all of above methods do not work, your r4i 3DS card may be broken.

If you have more questions about this r4i gold 3ds, contact r4wood freely.

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